Public Toilets in Barahiya Plus Area

  • Posted on: 8 January 2017
  • By: drpundit

Public Toilet in Barahjiya Area

By Neil Pundit

Barahiya is the birthplace of our exemplary philanthropist alum Dr Krishna Pal Singh, and it deserves a special consideration. 
Kris has offered to pay 100% of the cost of construction for toilets in Barahiya and extending 15 miles beyond. We have just finished first 8 sites
as detailed below. Total toilet count is 34, and many more to follow. Initiators of this series of public toilets are Shree Sharma and Neil Pundit.
Each of them got 4 sites done overcoming the logistical difficulties of skilled labor, and transportation of materials and labor.
Some details are summarized in the listing below with a photo of each site.






Site# Donor/Honoree Location

 Remark -most 5 T(oilets) 

Enabler: Ramarati Devi

 01  Vijaya Sharma/ High School   Barahiya                      5 T, 2 Bath, Elect, Pump  
 02  Vijaya Sharma/BN College  Barahiya                      5T, 2 Bath, Elect, Pump  
 03  Vijaya Sharma/Khan Tola  Indupur, Barahiya  3T, 1 Bath, Elect, Pump  
 04   Vijaya Sharma/Mahabir Dharmashala  Barahiya  5T, 2 Bath, Elect, Pump  
 05   Garhtola Indupur Middle School  Barahiya                     5T, 2 Bath, Elect, Pump    
 06  Jakhor Middle School   Barahiya                     5T, 2 Bath, Elect, Pump   
 07  Public House      Birupur, Barahiya   3T, 1 Bath, Elect, Pump    
 08  Brahmin Tola            Birupur, Barahiya   3T, 1 Bath, Elect, Pump